Swico Verband

Become a collection point

The official Swico collection points are key to the successful operation of the take back system: 58 percent of the total quantity of Swico equipment is forwarded via collection points.

The collection points can choose between three different contract forms:

  • Contract with Swico Recycling
    The collection point performs the transport operations and is free to select a recycling company. Swico disburses the remuneration for the collection and transport of equipment.
  • Contract with a Swico recycling partner
    Transport operations are performed by the collection point or the recycling company. The collection point may only forward the material to the corresponding recycling company. The recycling company compensates the collection point for the transport operations and collection of equipment by the collection point.
  • Contract with the forwarding agent CDS Cargo Domizil AG
    The collection point completes the collection order for collection points in respect of collecting equipment. CDS Cargo Domizil AG disburses compensation for the collection of equipment.

Key contractual provisions at a glance:

  • The collection point must be covered with a roof (weather protection) and be locked (anti-theft device).
  • Any person may hand in their discarded equipment free of charge for disposal.
  • Handing out equipment, equipment parts or accessories to persons other than Swico recycling partners is strictly prohibited.

If you wish to open a new collection point or enter into a new contract, you can download the Collection point agreement at the end of this page.

Please complete the form in full, sign it and send it to us. If you wish to enter into a contract with a recycling company, that company will also need to sign this form.

Swico will review the agreement, and new collection points will be subject to an audit. If the audit is passed, nothing will stand in the way of opening a new collection point.

Antragsformular für Swico-Abgabestelle Download
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