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Televisions that are no longer used and computers that are scrapped contain a variety of valuable raw materials that can be reused. At the same time pollutants in the equipment need to be removed to avoid detrimental effects on peoples' health and on the environment. Swico Recycling recycled 61,295 tons of discarded electrical and electronic equipment in 2012.

In Switzerland, consumers have been paying an Advance Recycling Fee (ARF) on new electronic and electrical equipment since 1994. The fee is used for the environmentally-friendly recycling of equipment, recovery of materials and appropriate disposal of non-reusable materials and pollutants. Swico Recycling guarantees that all equipment handed in to the trade or at official collection points will be recycled in line with environmental guidelines.

Disposal as a private individual

As a private individual there are two options for disposing of your equipment free of charge and in line with environmental guidelines:

  • You can take your discarded equipment to an electrical and electronics dealer that sells the same type of equipment that you wish to dispose of. To hand in your used equipment you neither need to produce a purchase invoice nor purchase new equipment.

Disposal as a company

Companies can arrange to have electronic equipment disposed of free of charge from a quantity of 250 Kg (1 SBB pallet with 3 frames) via our transport partner, CDS Cargo Domizil AG. To that end complete the Collection order for companies.

Companies can also take small quantities to one of the official Swico collection points.

A third option would be to contact your supplier. Your supplier will help you organize the disposal.

Disposal as an official Swico collection point

Swico collection points, which have entered into a contract with CDS Cargo Domizil, can complete the Collection order for collection points with a view to collecting the respective equipment.

Collection points that have entered into a contract with one of our recycling partners will contact the recycling partner about the collection.

For further information about the collection point contracts see operating a collection point.

Disposal as a municipality

Municipal authorities are not permitted to take back electrical equipment in domestic waste or as bulky items. This is specified in the Swiss Regulation on Returning, Tacking Back and Disposing of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (VREG). However, they may collect such equipment, e.g. as part of periodic collection days. Swico will collect and recycle the equipment. In that respect you can complete the Collection order for companies.

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