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Data protection

Electronic device, especially PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, usually store a wide range of personal data. Steps must be taken to prevent unauthorised individuals from seeing or even using this data, also when disposing of used devices.

Swico data protection standard

All of Swico Recycling's contract partners are contractually bound to protect the data on the devices collected from unauthorised access. The collection points, transporters, recyclers and inspection entities must undertake specific measures to guarantee this. This also includes the requirement, for example, that the collected devices must be stored in a locked area.

Increasing data protection on your own

Completely erasing the data before handing over the device is one way to make disposal more secure. The exact process depends on the type of device and the operating system. Easy and free step-by-step instructions for how to do this are available online on reputable IT media portals. This is usually handled by a software solution, but physical destruction is also an option.

Data protection service

There are specialised companies that destroy data for customers for a fee. For example, in cooperation with Swiss Post, the company SafeRec (www.saferec.ch) offers a solution whereby used devices are sent to the company by standard or registered mail. They are destroyed and shredded in accordance with DIN 66399 and a certificate of destruction issued.

The packages handed over at the post office counter do not leave postal circulation, but are destroyed and shredded on the premises of the post office in the data shredder from SafeRec AG in accordance with DIN 66399 (security level to “secret data” ). A certificate of destruction is then issued by email.

High-security requirements

In companies with particularly high security requirements (e.g. in the finance or healthcare sector), regulatory requirements define how data is handled. In these cases, lawmakers determine the protection level and the applicable industrial standards. Swico Recycling can act as a liaison to appropriate disposal companies upon request.

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