Swico Verband

List of devices

Electronic products will be taken back free of charge provided the manufacturer has become a Swico Recycling signatory (see signatory list)


Shredders, Faxes, Copiers, Projectors, Cutting Machine, Typewriters

Computer science

Monitors, Printer, POS Systems, Network Products, PCs, servers, Scanner

Consumer Electronics

TVS, Photo Equipment and Accessories, Cameras (video, film), Speaker, Radio / hi-fi systems, Video projectors


Mobile Phones, Modems, Router, Phone cards, Telephones, Switching systems

Safety Technology

Motion, Surveillance cameras, Surveillance Monitors, UPS

Graphics industry

Imagesetter, Printers, Processors

Measurement and medical equipments

Handhelds, Scales

Accessories, consumables

CDs, Floppy, Cable, Headphone, Phone cards, Toner cartridges (no refill)

Dental Trade

Treatment Centers, Laser Laboratory

Household equipment

Responsible for the disposal of household equipment: SENS

Lights and lamps

Responsible for the disposal of lights and lamps: SLRS


Responsible for the disposal of batteries: INOBAT

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